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There is no industry who don’t wish for an accurate, safe, and cost-saving efficient production process, especially spare while manufacturing industrial parts.

Manual machining has become old-fashioned and it is not effective to accomplish today’s industrial needs. Manual machining is used very rarely as there is a lot of chance for error, operator accidents, product inconsistencies, time-consuming, and a lot more. But with the help of CNC machines, this story has changed.

CNC is referred to as Computer Numerical Control and CNC machining have become the most commonly used manufacturing process by most of the industry as they use pre-programmed computer software to operate factory tools and machinery.

CNC cutting machines have been used by many industries to make industrial parts throughout the world. They are used in aluminum, wood, plastics, and other hard materials to build products and other components.

There are 3 components in a CNC cutting machine that are a command function, a drive system, and a feedback system. In CNC cutting machine is a computer-driven machine tool that is adept to cut a piece of solid raw material into various shapes. This is mainly working on digital instructions made on Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) or Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software capable of writing G-code which have numerical values that the CNC machine’s controller can read. This will help to execute the process from beginning to end.

The computer on the controller is capable to interpret the design. When they do that, move the cutting tool or workpiece on multiple axes and desired shapes are cut into the form of raw materials. Manual cutting machines have to be operated manually by the operators which require a live worker to press buttons or move levers.  In an automatic cutting machine, the machine will read the specific machining command Which is needed for your specific cutting solution.


CNC Milling Machine

CNC Milling machines are the most commonly used CNC machines for a wide range of industrial needs. This includes integrated tools that are mainly used for cutting and drilling. Mills will develop and convert specialized programs so that they can route and travel the spindle in various ways. And these specialized programs are created of numbers and letters that are called G code.

Since it is a CNC machine, you just have to place the workpiece in the machine, then the computer takes over. The tool and spindle movement is instructed and guided by the computer code. This will make sure that the cut is accurate and that the workpiece transforms into a planned bespoke item. CNC milling machines are applicable in tapping, milling the face, milling the shoulder, turning, and drilling.

It can range from three to six axes configuration and in that three axes stand for the motions of the X-axis (horizontal), Y- axis (horizontal), and Z-axis (depth) in the simplest 3-axis CNC. This CNC cutting machine is relatively big and costly compared to other cutting machines. Because they are used to cut very hard metals compared to CNC routers that cut only soft materials like wood, plastic, and soft metals.

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC lathe machines are shorter and more compact with very few axes and they have the capacity to rotate materials while in use. The main specialty of a CNC lathe machine is, it has got a lathe that can control and transmit material to the computer programmatically.

They are frequently used due to their quick, simple, and precise operation capability. Even a semi-skilled person can operate them after initial setup. This kind of lathe is used by mass-produced items like capstan and turret. The only thing is there is no automated feeding mechanism for these machines.

CNC Drilling Machine

CNC drilling equipment has got a spinning cutting tool that helps to make holes in a stationary object which works similarly to traditional drilling machines. But compared to conventional drilling machines, CNC drilling equipment will have more precision and adaptability since they rely on CNC technology.

The holes made by CNC drilling equipment will have tight tolerances of 0.001mm. They have tool turrets that can hold several drill bits enabling rapid switching between them during production and they work well with materials like wood, plastic, and metal. CNC drilling machines are largely employed to make machined shafts, gear blanks, and hubs.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Similar to CNC plasma cutting machines, CNC Laser Cutting machines also have the capacity to cut through strong materials. The difference is CNC Laser Cutters don’t use plasma instead they use a powerful and highly focused laser to do the work (ionized gas). Compared to CNC plasma cutters, a greater degree of precision and better surface quality are the main advantages of CNC Laser Cutters since lasers have a smaller point of contact and spread than torches.

Despite the same (accuracy and cutting depth) specification, CNC laser cutters are more expensive than CNC plasma cutters. Depending on the thickness and toughness of the material the laser power may be adjusted to readily cut through the material. In CNC laser cutting machines the material shape is oftentimes in the form of a sheet. This sheet of material is sliced precisely by the laser beam moving back and forth across it. The laser’s heating action vaporizes or melts the material for the precise cut. Another important benefit of CNC laser cutting machines is that they may frequently generate a range of patterns. The finishing of the parts made from CNC laser cuter mostly doesn’t need any polishing since the cut and edges generated are so exact and clean. Wherever there is a need for tight tolerances and a precise output, there all CNC laser cutting is used.

CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

In CNC waterjet cutters very high-pressure water jets are used to cut through materials. It is applied mainly in materials like plastic and aluminum that are sensitive to temperature and might melt at high temperatures. For more effective cutting, you can add extra abrasives like garnet or aluminum oxide apart from water.

When we compare a plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, and CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine with equal specs, we can see CNC Water-jet cutting machine is more expensive than a CNC plasma cutter and less costly than a CNC Laser cutter. But one drawback that has to be pointed out is that CNC waterjet cutters are slower compared to both CNC plasma cutters and CNC laser cutters.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC plasma cutting machines create a high level of cutting precision and a wide variety of material compatibility just like CNC laser cutters. Instead of a laser, plasma cutting machines use high-powered plasma flame to do the cutting. The plasma torch produces high-powered plasma or charged gas which has a temperature that might go up to 50,000°F. The materials that are electrically conductive can be sliced through effectively by this immense heat energy.

NC Electrical Discharge Machine

NC Electrical Discharge Machines can also be referred to as sparks. NC Electrical Discharge Machines are unique kinds of CNC machines that can manipulate materials using electric sparks into the required shape. NC Electrical Discharge Machines create shapes in materials by creating controlled sparks. The materials are positioned in the electrode’s top and bottom parts and then the electrodes will create electrical discharge which will be determined by the computer.

CNC Router Machine

CNC Router Machine are tools that are somewhat similar to the CNC mill but mainly used for working with softer materials and is less accurate. For the route spindle and machine tool paths, the computer numerical control is employed by the CNC Router Machine to create and shape materials to the required pattern and form. It is applicable to materials like wood, steel, composites, aluminum, foam, and plastic.

CNC router machines have got different components that are a mechanical base, stepper drivers, controllers, a spindle, stepper motors, and a power supply. The process carried through a power supply will help to decrease waste, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency by speeding up the production process. They are proficient in creating modest projects. And they also work on prototypes of both basic and complicated designs in all three dimensions. They also have a variety of axes with a range of three to six similar to CNC mills.

CNC 3D Printer

3D printers are CNC machine that prints elements one at a time. To develop the design and drawing. The CAD and CAM processes are used to develop the design and drawing, and the 3D printer is then used to reflect the design of 3D printing houses and other structures.


For quick, precise, and complicated cuts into a workpiece, we need CNC cutting machines. For consistent product quality, better accuracy, increased production speed, and operator safety, these computer-driven cutting machines can transform raw metals, plastics, and wood into a final product. Based on your required parts you can choose any CNC cutting machine to create desired shape clean and clear.

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