Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Empowering Wind Energy Production: Global Leaders in Specialized Welding Automation Solutions

Welding automation is of paramount importance in wind energy production By embracing welding automation, manufacturers in the wind energy sector can optimize their production processes, meet the increasing demand for renewable energy, and contribute to a sustainable future.

By leveraging our premium welding automation solutions, our clients have experienced a notable boost in productivity, thanks to the assurance of high-quality welds. Our solutions prioritize worker safety, resulting in a secure working environment while providing substantial cost savings. Moreover, our specialized welding solutions have been instrumental in enhancing the efficiency of tower and foundation manufacturing, allowing for increased scalability and adaptability to meet evolving industry demands.

Our major clients in wind energy production are:

  • Ambau GmbH (Graefenhainichen, Dessau, Bremen, Cuxhaven)
  • CAS, Strassfurt (Germany)
  • CSC, Cuxhaven (Germany)
  • FAM, Magdeburg (Germany)
  • KGW, Schwerin (Germany)
  • SIAG (Finsterwalde, Leipzig, CZChrudim, F-Le Creusot)
  • Steelwind Nordenham (Germany)
  • CRIST, Gdansk (Poland)
  • Gandara Censa (Spain)

  • Max Bögl, Neumarkt (Germany)


Ambau GmbH
Gandara Censa
Max Bögl
Steelwind Nordenham