Pipe Rotators


Pipe rotators are perfect for use in fabrication and production workshops where various industrial projects demand high-quality welding. We provide a selection of pipe rotators that are intended to enhance productivity and streamline welding procedures. These U-range pipe rotators are available in varied load capacities to accommodate a range of industrial requirements. They are specifically designed for the welding of circular items, like pipes. Our pipe rotators reduce the need for human handling and enhance the quality of the workmanship, allowing welders to concentrate on the welding process itself. With our sturdy and dependable solutions that can improve your welding processes, we have you covered whether you need a single-drive or three-ton pipe rotator. 

Welding rotators are mechanical devices used in welding, fabrication, and assembly processes that rotate cylindrical workpieces. They are also referred to as tank rotating rolls or pipe rotators. Large-scale projects involving the welding of pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipelines, and other cylindrical components are the main application for these sturdy machines. A collection of rollers or wheels mounted on movable arms that cradle and rotate the workpiece make up welding rotators. The rollers make it easier for the welding process to rotate smoothly. Depending on the model and use, some welding rotators require manual operation, while others may be powered by motors for automated rotation. 

Kistler rotators can handle pressure vessels weighing 500 kg to 5,00,000 kg, pipe spooling, and pile joining. We can assist you in selecting the best rotator for the job. We may alter our products to satisfy the majority of needs. 

Our pipe rotators maximize security, reduce handling, increase output, and improve the consistency and quality of the welding of cylindrical vessels. We offer a rotating solution to fit any customer’s need, from tiny diameter pipes to the enormous monopile constructions of wind tower turbines. 

We provide a wide selection of sturdy and dependable pipe rollers, turning rolls, and rotators for purchase.