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Our Story

The Kistler company…

…is a well-established machining company founded back in 1966 by senior engineer Mr. Roland Kistler. The spark of ingenuity and passion for machinery that he felt throughout his journey flickered and gained momentum. And the same passion for machinery has been carried out through the next generations. This resulted in further growth and increased popularity of the company in the industry. He gave the perfect shape to the organization and left a distinguishable legacy that continues to define the culture, values, and brand of the company in the future.

Almost 60 years of research and experience in engineering and manufacturing of welding, positioning, and cutting systems for the welding trade made us pioneers in this field, especially for pipe welding and cutting, pipe rotators, welding positioners, and manipulators. Kistler is an integrated welding positioning and cutting machine manufacturer that also provides reasonably priced and highly durable welding automation equipment worldwide by meeting a mutually agreeable production schedule, to the steel fabrication industry.

Wherever there is steel fabrication work, you can expect to see us there. Our footprints are spread across the world in the form of machines. Because we want every welding industry to experience the superior quality welding process and its outcome. And ultimately to be a part of each country's infrastructure development and prosperity. This has made us undertake key projects from different parts of the world.

In-depth research, revolutionary solutions, and hunger for new technologies paved the way for our advancement. And we believe that the growth of our employees and clients will reciprocate back to the company. With a passion for manufacturing welding automation solutions, we are always enthusiastic about taking new directions which can improve our product chain, in-depth expansion of the high-end market, and innovation of new technologies and new products.

Our Speciality

  • Extensive Distributor Network Worldwide.
  • 60 Years of Experience and Excellence.
  • Knowledge and Experience in Offering Customized Solutions.
  • Backed by a Team of the most Skilful Engineers and Technicians.
  • Finest Quality-Oriented Custom-Made Machinery.
  • Part of Worldwide Infrastructure Development.
  • Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Solutions.
  • Decentralized, Customer-centric, and Entrepreneurial culture.

Our History

The birth of the Kistler Company. The day Roland Kistler, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, lit the torch to a big establishment.

1st of June 1966

It fell to Roland Kistler’s son Alex Kistler, to bring his father’s grand vision to life. This resulted in the transformation of the Kistler company into a limited liability company.

1st of October 1989

Soon the first own production unit started in Bierstetten, South Germany.

1st of March 1990

The hard work paid off and Kistler had to expand the production which resulted in the opening of the second unit (workshop) in Bierstetten.

1st of July 1999

Acquisition of F. Bode & Sons (from Preston, UK), a former bigger competitor in the field, and turning the company into a subsidiary.

1st of October 2001

Kistler flourished further by opening a new production unit in Bad Saulgau where we are currently located with 1500 m² of production area.

30th of April 2007

Another major acquisition of UP Helfert GmbH who is a specialist in submerged arc welding took place by totally integrating it into the Kistler company.

1st of July 2009

The increase in total production led to 100% expansion of the new workshop and office areas to a total of 3000 m² of production area.

5th of April 2013

Expansion of the market led to Investment as a shareholder in YES Machinery and YES Automation (UAE), one of the largest chains of automated machinery suppliers in the Middle East.

1st of January 2020

Sister Company

F. Bode & Sons Limited

The Bode company was founded as F. Bode & Son Ltd in 1938 and is based in England. The company initially was heavily committed to the war effort but also became involved in welding. Later the business developed into general engineering carrying sub-contract work for local companies. The company developed during the 1950s a range of Welding Positioners specifically designed to improve the welding of steel fabrications.

The company invented and held the patent for many years for the Rotilting Positioner and the Self-Aligning Rotator. The company has manufactured over 35,000 machines, which are in use with fabrication companies in every part of the world. The Bode name has become synonymous with positioning equipment, and the products have proved indispensable in the fabrication process.

The main spread of sales has been in the industrialized countries in Europe, with distributors marketing the range of positioners in the Middle East, South East Asia, India, and several South American countries. The Bode portfolio of positioning equipment is probably the most comprehensive of any manufacturer in the world and the range of machines extends to over 2000 models.

In addition to the standard range of models, the company designs and manufactures custom-built special-purpose welding machinery, which meets the specific needs of the customer. Principle customers are involved in steel fabrication, but the equipment is also supplied to fabricators in copper, aluminum, and alloy steels. The customer base extends to the following industries:

sisterv company
  • Aerospace
  • Dairy Foods
  • Mining
  • Brewery
  • Petrochemical
  • Railway Industries
  • Defense
  • Windmill Tower Systems
  • Truck / Trailer Manufacturing
  • Automobile Industry
  • Nuclear Power / Power Generation
  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Industries
  • Construction

The Bode equipment is manufactured to the highest quality in design and engineering and we have a dedicated design team capable of producing turnkey solutions to meet the demands of our customers both from a handling perspective and a final weld solution.