PLC Controlled


Our pipe cutting machines perform the job in a circular fashion as they cut around the pipe, providing fully automatic  and precise cutting in various diameters. The PLC Controlled pipe cutting machines are available in 3 models - SC 300, SCM- 400 and SCM - 630. These pipe cutting devices machines are mostly used in workshops and on-site for pipe profiling and pipe cutting requirements. When these machines are used together with an oxy-fuel torch or plasma, the cutting of pipes is facilitated by the two PLC controlled axes on the SCM model machines. The operational part of this machine is quite simple because all programming is menu-driven. The pipe length is measured automatically and cut as per the requirements. 

The PLC controlled pipe cutting machines come with a suitable touchscreen interface which features programmable cutting schedules. Different cutting sizes can be fed in to the control systems,Equipped with double PLC-controlled axes, these plasma pipe cutting machines facilitate the cutting operation using an oxy-fuel torch or plasma.The driven chuck which is the first axis helps to clamp the workpiece and the oxy-fuel torch is passed over the pipe which is the second axis. There is also an option to add another third axis which can help in beveling of end cuts which could be straight, miter or branches. Since the programming is menu driven, it facilitates easy pipe cutting and pipe profiling operation.