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Technological Advancements Have Helped Mankind In All Sectors. Utilizing The Innovations In The Respective Sector Has Paved The Way To A More Economical And Efficient Working Style.

Likewise, Welding Positioners Make A Welder’s Job Easier By Helping To Tilt Or Rotate The Workpieces When The Job Demands Working From Various Angles. Thus, A Welder’s Job Becomes More Accurate And Fast Which Otherwise Would Consume A Lot More Time And Energy And Result In Less Perfection As Well.

Let’s Check On How Welding Positioners Help Improve The Efficiency And Productivity Of The Welding Process.


Welding Positioners Help Reduce The Time Consumed For The Welding Process Considerably.

Normally, A Lot Of Time Is Taken By Welders In Setting Up The Workpieces To Enable Easy Rotation And Tilting To Reach The Exact Position Of The Welding Metal.

Utilizing A Welding Positioner Would Eliminate These Efforts Taken By The Welder And Permit The Welders To Quickly Move From One Job To Another. This Also Reduces The Downtime Between The Jobs.

A Lot Of Probability And Reasoning Assumptions Have To Be Made And Trial And Errors Happen In Positioning The Workpieces In The Absence Of Welding Positioners.


Making Use Of A Welding Positioner Would Help You Achieve Drastic Reduction Of Expenses Associated With Welding Such As The Labor Wages.

As We Learned Above That A Lot Of Time Could Be Saved By Welding Automation, This Saved Time Could Be Wisely Allocated For Other Jobs In The Factory Or Shop Thereby Contributing To Lesser Production Time Which In Turn Will Result In Cost Savings In The Long Run. Welding Positioners Normally Have A Very Robust Design And Hence It Leads To Greater Durability And Reliability.

Also, The Welding Positioners Required A Little To No Maintenance Unlike The Conventional Clamping Methods.

Hence, Working With A Welding Positioner Will Help You Reduce The Upkeep Expenses As Well.


A Lot Of Expertise And Accuracy Is Required To Achieve Good Results In The Welding Process And This Is Where Welding Automation Plays A Major Role. Welding Positioners Help You Achieve Uniform Welding Throughout.

This Is Accomplished By Positioning The Workpieces Accurately During Production Time.

In Addition, Utilizing A Welding Positioner Would Definitely Improve The Quality Of The Weld As It Can Eliminate Any Human Error That Could Happen Due To Exhaustion Or Lack Of Experience Which Otherwise Could Result In Costly Scrap Or Redoing The Welding If Not Taken Care Initially.


Musculoskeletal Injuries Are Quite Common In Workplaces Associated With Welding. Hence It Is Important To Have Equipment Designed With Utmost Perfection Which Will Help Reduce The Accidents Involved While Working With Heavy Metal Pieces.

These Accidents Could Affect The Shoulders, Neck, Wrist And Back Leading To Unbearably Pain And Excessive Discomfort.

In The Worst Case, These Accidents Could Even Cause Long-Term Disabilities. Such Workplace Accidents Can Almost Be Eliminated With The Usage Of Welding Positioners As They Offer Better Comfort And Less Body Strain.


As We Understood From Above, Automated Welding Equipment Helps You Achieve Accurate Welding Results, It Can Also Help Increase Productivity In Turn.


Employing Welding Automation At The Workplace Offers Quality Of Welded Materials As Well As It Enhances The Workplace’s Safety. At Kistler , No Compromise In Quality Is Made In Their Welding Positioners And Profile Cutting Machines.

They Make Sure All The Quality Standards Are Met And Are Available To Customers At A Very Good Price. This Is One Of The Greatest Reasons Why Their Equipment Is Well Received In The Market.

They Have Distributors All Over Europe, Middle East & Africa As Well As India To Cater The Numerous Clienteles. Being In The Field Of Welding Automation For Many Decades Have Helped Them Gain Tremendous Knowledge And Expertise And Have Led Them To Be One Of The Top Welding Machinery Manufacturers In The Industry.