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Detailed Overview on Welding Turntables


Detailed Overview on Welding Turntables:Features and Applications

Welding Turntables play a pivotal role in industrial welding operations. Labor is considerably reduced with the facilitation of the welding process. Welding Turntables become most helpful when there is a requirement for welding objects of different sizes. These turntables help achieve greater accuracy with the help of precise positioning. 

What are Welding Turntables?

Welding Turntables are mostly used in the manufacturing of pressure vessels, chemical sectors, oil&gas industry, shipping and logistics industry, power plants, steelworks and other interrelated sectors. The main purpose of welding turntables is to weld and fix workpieces. Using welding turntables is a suitable way of decreasing the work pressure and enhancing the efficiency of the welding process. 

The major components of a welding turntable are the motor, frame, Working table, motion reducer and bearings. It’s possible to customize the work table inorder to meet the demands of the customer. 

In addition, a wide range of welding circuit boards with specialities can be made use of for rotating, round framework, and containment tank welding. Welding turntables are mostly used in jobs such as building steel frames and mechanical component installations.When it comes to automobile industries, numerous steel structures such as flanges and pipes are utilized with welding turntables.

Welding turntables are also capable of acting as an automatic welding machine and as a peripheral device. Nowadays it's one of the common equipment used by container, pipeline and metal structures.  

Different modules such as digital switch, capacitive touch press and electromechanical relay switch can be installed in the power system. During manufacturing, utilizing a welding turntable will not only enhance the precision but also helps to reduce the changes in work. By facilitating the removal of pointless intensity, it helps to rapidly accelerate the process of manufacturing. 

Welding Turntable - Features 

Following are the main features of welding turntables.

  • Multiple T-shaped configurations are possible in welding turntables which enables close rectification of the workpiece.

  • Since the welding turntable is clamped with six clamps at the back, the stiffness is greatly increased and this will help reduce the possibility of any fracture from occurring.

  • Worm gearboxes can be handled by the welding turntables.

  • Security and consistency are preserved with the help of a speed control system.

  • With the help of welding turntables, its possible to foresee and control and help meet a wide range of welding requirements of the customer.

  • The foundation is strongly built to make sure the units are turned off steadily.

  • The precise welding of the castings helps to create the work activity surface which is not prone to be destroyed by the stains resulting from welding.

  • The machine's overall strength is substantial, and the body has a seat framework.

Advantages of Welding Turntables

  • Welding turntables are the perfect equipment for completing a project which helps to attain a smooth finished metal tube and help to save both time and money.

  • Due to the fact that a welding frame is capable of completing the weld other than the radial welding head inside the machine, welding turntables can be thought of as a combination of automatic and manual welding.

  • Welding puddles inside the weld zone can be maintained by the welder with the help of welding turntables rather than using a torch.

Benefits of Welding Turntables

In addition to improving the comfort level of welders, there are immense reasons for making use of a welding turntable. Let’s check a handful of them.

Improved Quality

 The chances of making mistakes by the welder is considerably reduced if precision is given extreme importance while setting up the welding turntable positioner.

Safety of Operator

Proper configuration of the welding turntable will ensure the safety of the operator. Proper setting up will make sure the workpiece is fastened tightly and do not cause any accidents by movement while in operation.


Less Tiring 

The welder is expected to remain in position while operating the welding turntable. The welding turntables can be customized based on the level of comfort and size. This will make the welder feel less tired with reduced stress and strain thereby increasing their productivity.

Simple Footprint

The ability to change these welding turntable positioners in confined spaces contributes to lessening production floor congestion.

Why should you choose Kistler Welding Turntables? 

Kistler is well known for its welding turntables, which range from manual to automated and semi-automated. The way you utilize it will determine which option is best for you. Kistler welding turntables might provide you an advantage over your competitors in the marketplace.